commercialLight Commercial Architecture & Remodeling Designs

We create corporate headquarters, shell office building for professional or medical, and retail center, or other commercial properties at Dale L. Cexton Architects located in Oceanside California.  We specialize in light commercial designs that are four stories or less, subterranean parking, strip-center, mix-use, as well as remodeling (face lifts) and tenant improvements.  We assist you with selection of products and materials as well as government agencies processing.

Commercial Architectural Services:

If you are planning on developing properties, Dale L. Cexton Architects can create custom design that meet your requirements.  We can do quick studies on possible solutions as well as do the research with the governing agencies on what is possible.  We will work with the needs of your project, whether Flat lots, special easement conditions on lots too hillside terrain we will maximize use, leasable square footage, parking requirements. We will design a cost effective solution while working with other team members.

Remodels and Tenant Improvements:

Bring new life back into your property as well as increase lease ability with our remodeling services and tenant improvements.  Our designs are based on your requirements and will create the specific atmosphere that you desire.  Improve tenant space to desires of new tenant.  We can review and recommend necessary changes for ADA compliance.