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Trends in Coastal Design for Your SoCal Home Build

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Southern California definitely has its own vibe, and that extends to coastal designs in homes and buildings.

Ready to be on the cutting edge of design and style trends? Cast your attention over to what’s going on in SoCal!

Coastal design: California beauty

California – SoCal in particular – is often a hot spot for innovative design and style. This doesn’t just extend to clothes, but homes are often part of the deal as well.

While SoCal has a great vibe, there’s no surprise that it extends to coastal design regarding housing. If there’s anywhere that’s going to be on the cutting edge of coastal design trends, it’s Southern California.

What hot trends are up and coming for interior design? We’ve got 5 of the hottest ones right here.

Glass walls

Glass walls offer great views while also giving viewers a sense of luxury. It makes sense that this has become one of the hottest trends when it comes to coastal design.

A big part of SoCal’s culture involves the outdoors, so it makes sense that coastal design has embraced and adopted that key element. If you can’t be outside, whether due to logistics or weather, what better way to bring the outdoors to you?

Stark white

A white room – particularly the kitchen – conjures up images of calmness. When we’re faced with day to day hectic lives, the last thing we want is for our homes to reflect that.

Therefore, it isn’t a huge leap for SoCal to latch on to the trend of white rooms. California is often regarded as the lap of luxury, and there’s no better way to show that off than to bathe your rooms in soft whiteness.

Sure, life gets messy. So do kitchens. However, image is what matters here, and this coastal design trend has that on lock.

Light wood

If you can’t go white, at least go light! While dark wood can look dated, scuff easily, and give the appearance of your home being smaller, this SoCal trend gives off a light, airy vibe.

Are you jumping onto the white room trend? Blonde or gray woods are a fantastic compliment that won’t contrast in a jarring way to your clean aesthetic.


Minimalism encompasses both a mindset and an aesthetic. When it comes to the philosophy, it boils down to the idea that less is more. Rather than spending our money on luxury and other material things, we should invest in what we already have and what we’ll actually use.

It’s subversive, but it’s turning the idea of wealth on its head.

As an aesthetic, minimalism is all about clean lines and precision. When it comes to impressions of wealth and prosperity, it fits right in with the easy going SoCal vibe.


Is your home in need of a makeover? With this list in mind, you’ll be able to keep up with the Joneses super easily! Give your home a little piece of SoCal with this airy and easygoing coastal design.

Interested in this or any other hot SoCal trends? Give us a shout to discuss it!

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